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About Us

We all about Quality tattoos at Unique Tattoos. Quality line work, Quality colour blends, Quality shading, Quality artwork & design in a polite cruisey friendly environment. We do all styles of tattooing, and from small to large. In regards to Unique Tattoos quality tattooing it is because Mike E Owner/Principal Artist’s philosophy, teaching & training in that all tattoos have to be of the highest possible standards & have to be utmost quality artwork for the wearers & clients have to be always treated well. Our Artists are trained extensively & intensely in learning how to provide & create beautiful tattoos, they are also taught to work & consult closely with their clients so their clients always get quality work, because this is Mike E’s technique & philosophy, & its provided by his patient professional quality extensive teachings to our Krew. Our Krew have been sifted out from many people, through our many processes to get only the best people to tattoo at Unique Tattoos. As well as being trained as a very great tattoo artist they have to be very caring personalities & considerate dispositions too to make the grade and work at Unique.

The Artists are taught and expected to do every style of tattooing. They have to be allrounders to work at Unique. Everyone in our industry knows if an artist has been fully Trained by Mike E they are of a very high calibre if they got through Unique’s extensive intense training. (How they are if they leave our studio obviously we can’t anymore be guaranteed by us of their quality if not in our Studio). At Unique Mike E oversees everything… designs quality workmanship etc… & it’s of the clients best interests to have an Owner/Artist overseeing that has loads of experience & is a very considerate caring person himself, that knows quality, technique & tattooing and quality artwork inside out. Therefore ensuring every design is quality checked by an experienced recognised Principal Artist ie Mike E.  Unique Tattoos (Mike E)  has been operating in Subiaco for 17years. He has been tattooing for over 28 years & teaching tattooing in his quality technique for over 20 years.

At Unique Tattoos we believe in treating all people equally. We do not like big narcissistic big headed personalities working at Unique. So our Krew have got to have same beliefs as Unique Tattoos in how to treat people. Sure our tattoo artists know they are highly skilled and extremely good at all styles of  tattooing, but they are not narcissistic assholes who think they better than anyone. Sure they great tattooists but not better than another person. We find those type of narcissistic personalities very boring & tedious, so we kinda sure our clientele doesn’t want to be subjected to big headed narcissism either. Who does anywhere? We want our clientele to have A) Get a quality tattoo from us B) in a friendly respectful comfortable cruisey clean happy environment because tattoos can be a little uncomfortable at times so why add further discomfort with a heavy mean or narcissistic personality C ) We hope you have a great experience so you can tell your friends family loved ones….so its a win win situation. Everyone happy with the tattoo work and the tattoo time experience :]
Mike E Principal Artist is Maori. He does all styles of tattooing. He is considered by many as a Tohunga (special person chosen by his Ancestors) of Ta Moko (tattooing). Not that he goes around saying that because he is very modest quiet doesn’t like to brag & like he says “he got to work at his art its not just magic that happens”. So even tho he does acknowledge that he has been given a gift he still has to work hard.  Mike E got a special visa to work in USA few years ago because he was recognised as a recognised significant cultural artist by academics and authorities knowledgable in the field of Art and Polynesian & Maori cultures. These are very hard to obtain. Mike has been living in Perth Western Australia for the last 20years. He says WA is “land of milk & honey” and loves the relaxed lifestyle here. Mike E says girls that live in Perth prettiest in the world! Plus maybe he gotta say that!! ha ha bcos …he met & married Jen, Scarborough local, 18 years ago. Its a good blend of two cultures. Jen has been working by his side for 17 years. Jen doesn’t tattoo but has been running studio at Reception for 17 years.

I hope you have got a bit of an insight of our philosophies and business idealogy with our Unique Tattoos Bio. We can assure you always quality tattooing and always being treated politely & respectfully (as long as we treated the same). Hopefully we will see you soon at Unique Tattoos in Subiaco Western Australia!