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  • Quality Professional Tattooing
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About Us

We all about Quality Tattoos at Unique Tattoos. Quality line work, Quality Colour Blends, Quality shading, Quality Artwork & Design in a friendly environment. We do all styles of tattooing, from small to large tattoos. Unique Tattoos Owner & Principal Artist Mike E’s philosophy is always give clients top quality tattoo work, that is all tattoos have to be of the highest possible standards & have to be of the utmost quality artwork & clients have to be always treated well. Our Tattoo Team have been chosen because of our high standards.
The Artists can do every style of tattooing to a high level. At Unique Tattoos Mike E often oversees the studio … That is, he over sees the level of skill in tattoo designs & the quality of tattoo work etc… & it’s of the clients best interests to have an Owner/Artist overseeing that has lots of tattoo experience, that knows quality tattoos, quality technique & quality artwork & Mike E expects high level of cleanliness always thru -out studio & always hospital grade sterilisation. If owner not experienced tattoo artist how can they monitor skill level? Mike E Therefore is continually ensuring quality tattoos at studio.  Principal Artist Mike E has been operating in Subiaco for 19years. He has been tattooing for over 30 years & teaching tattooing in his quality technique style for over 20 years.
At Unique Tattoos we believe in treating all people equally. We do not like narcissistic big headed personalities working at Unique Tattoos – we enjoy a cruisey professional environment – no over inflated egos. Sure our tattoo artists know they are highly skilled & are extremely awesome & talented in all styles of tattooing..
We all want our clientele to : A) Get a quality tattoo from us at a great price.  B) Relax in a friendly respectful comfortable cruisey clean happy environment – C ) We all hope you have a great experience so you can tell your friends family etc….so its a win win situation & generates more tattoos & more business & that everyone is happy with the tattoo work and the tattoo experience.
Mike E Principal Artist is Maori from New Zealand. He does all styles of tattooing but is world leader & authority in Ta Moko (Maori tattoos). He is considered by many as a Kaitiaki (special person chosen by his Maori Ancestors of New Zealand) of Ta Moko (tattooing). Mike E doesn’t like to brag &  he says “he got to work at his art its not just magic that happens it’s a lot of work & concentration”. So even though he does acknowledge that he has been given a special gift from his ancestors, he still has to work hard.  Mike E got a special visa to work in USA few years ago because he was recognised as a significant cultural artist by academics &  authorities who agree Mike E is knowledgeable & a leader in the Art & Tattooing of  Polynesian cultures specifically Maori. These are very hard to obtain. Mike has been living in Perth Western Australia for the last 20years. He says WA is the “land of milk & honey” and loves the relaxed lifestyle here, the awesome weather & really likes the locals & their vibe. And Mike E says girls that live in Perth are amongst the prettiest in the world! He met local Jen at Scarborough Beach & they been married for 20 years.
We hope you have got a bit of an insight of our philosophies and business ideology with our Unique Tattoos Bio. We can assure you always will get quality tattooing and you will always be treated  respectfully (as long as we are treated the same). Hopefully we will see you soon at Unique Tattoos in Subiaco Western Australia!
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Also Mike E is looking for more Top Tattoo Artists to work at his busy, popular & successful Unique Tattoos in Western Australia. Phone Mike E on 0417903861 for details.